Here are some answers to some queries you may have.

What is Destination Unknown?
We’re a high-end, online travel company that plans 3-day weekend trips around the Philippines for our clients. The destination will remain unknown until you open your destination reveal.
Is Destination Unknown an organized tour group?
No. Although some activities that we book for you may include a packaged tour.
When will I know where I am going?
Your package will arrive a week before you leave for your trip. It will contain a destination reveal and a pre-trip packing list. Some travelers would choose to open their destination reveal as soon as they receive their package. Others would rather be surprised on the day itself! Whatever you choose, the pre-trip packing list is there to guide you on what to bring.
Where will you be bringing us?
We are currently taking you to the best locations around the Philippines. Watch out! Flight packages will be coming out soon.
How many days will the trip be?
At present, all our packages are 3-days in duration. Our flight packages will be available soon, meaning longer travel durations in the future.
What if I want my trip to be on a weekday?
Our ready-made packages all depart on a Friday, and brings you back on a Sunday. If you would like us to arrange something on a weekday for you, contact us at Note that it is always more cost-efficient to travel in groups. Rates would be better for bigger groups.
Who can book a trip?
Anyone is welcome to book a trip with us. We are currently sending people to locations in the Philippines. Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, we can arrange your vacation for you.
I do not live in Metro Manila, what will I indicate as my pick up location (if applicable)?
Pick up locations on our ready-made packages are within Metro Manila only. If you are living abroad or outside of Metro Manila, and would like us to plan a surprise vacation in the Philippines relative to your living location, kindly contact us at We would be happy to arrange your vacation for you!
Is there a minimum number of travelers required to book? Can I book a trip for just one person?
There’s no minimum requirement. However, it is always more cost-efficient to travel in groups. A hotel room will cost the same, whether one or two people are staying in it, so the price is lower if you have a travel companion.
Is there a maximum number of travelers required to book? Can I book a trip for a hundred people?
The maximum number of people who can book online at a time is ten. A tailor-made vacation is recommended for bigger groups. Please contact us at so we can properly prepare a trip for you.
Can we travel with babies and kids?
It’s never too early to start quenching that wanderlust! Remember to indicate their age on the traveler’s information portion of booking so that we may ensure a family-friendly vacation. If you are planning on bringing babies along, please drop us a message at, they might be able to travel for free.
Do you need to be physically fit for the vacation? What if I have special needs? Can I travel while pregnant?
Travel should be for everybody! We highly recommend that you let us know if you have any concerns we should be aware of. Please contact us at prior to booking so that we may recommend the best package for you. There might be instances where we may suggest opting for a custom-made trip instead.
What do I need to pack for the trip?
A package will be delivered to your address a week before you leave for your trip. It will contain a pre-trip packing list which would guide you on what to bring on your travels.
I do not live in Metro Manila, how will I receive my package?
Our couriers will send packages to Metro Manila. When booking, you may enter your Metro Manila hotel address, and we will send it there a week before your trip. However, if this is not possible, contact us at and we can arrange something for an extra fee.
What is the mode of transportation?
Transportation varies from package to package. Each travel style should indicate whether its by land, sea or air. Unless a private vehicle is specifically booked as an add-on, some means of transportation might be public or shared.
Can travelers in the same group be picked up at different locations (if applicable)?
For our ready-made packages, only one pick up location per group is allowed. If you need additional pick up locations for the members of your group, kindly contact us at and we can arrange something for an extra fee.
How far in advance should I book?
Booking needs to be done at least 30 days prior to your trip. We suggest the same lead time if you are booking a custom-made trip with us. New packages are always being released. Check our Facebook and Instagram accounts to be up to date with our upcoming travel styles.
Can I cancel or modify my booking?
Please carefully check all details when making your booking. Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide a refund if you are unable to make your trip. We may or may not be able to modify your booking. Email us at as soon as possible, and our team will try to accommodate your request.
What is the quality of your accommodations?
Accommodations will depend on the travel style you have chosen. Hostels are typical for the backpacker packages. High-end camps for the glamping options. Hotels and resorts are normally what we book for the rest. We have standards for our chosen accommodations, but you may always opt for a room upgrade when booking.
How will the sleeping arrangements be for groups?
Accommodation setup is based on the travel lodging. Unless you specifically chose a hostel package (where rooms are typically shared with strangers), the occupants in your room will all be from your group. We will pre-assign rooms for the members of your group, but feel free to switch with each other upon arrival.
Is breakfast included in our reservation?
Not all hotels provide breakfast with your stay. Each travel style should indicate whether breakfast is included or not.
Are meals included in the trip? Do we have to pay for the meals?
Different travelers have different appetites, dietary restrictions and tastes in food. Therefore, meals are typically not included in our packages. However, some hotels might provide breakfast with your stay, and some tours may include lunch. This would be indicated on each travel style when making your booking.
Are activities included in the trip? Do we have to pay for the activities?
Each travel style will indicate if an activity is included in the booking. Some activities are only available as an add-on. Do not worry though, all our packages will include a list of activity recommendations in the area.
What methods of payment can I use?

We have several payment options available. You can choose credit card payment through paypal or bank transfer/online transfer.

Are there any other fees?
A payment summary will indicate the breakdown of your booking selection. Some banks may charge a processing fee. Kindly check with your local bank with regards to this.
What if we were in a group but would like to book and pay individually?
Booking separately means we treat each booking individually and unrelated to each other. Remember, bigger groups would also entail you would get better rates. But if you would still like to book and pay individually, you may do so and just email us at to let us know who you are traveling with.
Will I get any reminders for the trip?
A curated package will be sent to your address a week before your departure date. It will include all your travel details and reminders for your trip. But just to make sure, remember to mark those calendars as soon as you finish booking!
Can I choose my destination?
You will not be able to choose your destination. We are named Destination Unknown, because the destination will be unknown to you! 🙂
What if I have been to that location?
Ready-made packages will send you to a location, regardless on whether you have been there or not. If you want to make sure that you do not travel to a repeat location, perhaps a tailor-made trip is more suited for you. Contact us at and we’ll see what we can arrange.
Is the destination safe?
Definitely. We do not send travelers to areas which travel is not advised. But with all travel, we advise everyone to always practice basic safety precautions such as keeping an eye on your belongings or locking your room at night.
How long is the travel time?
Travel time depends on the location. Each travel style will note the estimated duration of all the transfers. In order to keep the destination unknown, only a general range would be indicated.
What if I don’t like the themes available?
Perhaps a tailor-made trip is more suited for you. Contact us at and we’ll see what we can arrange.
Is travel insurance included?

Yes, travel insurance is included in all our packages. We will send a travel insurance application form, along with a copy of the policy and coverage, through email after your booking. Just send us your completed application form, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do you accept corporate bookings or personalized trips?

Yes, just send us an email at or drop us a message on our contact us page! If you can,  please provide the essential details such as number of travelers, travel dates, preferred travel style and budget. Our team will then get back to you, and may ask a few additional questions.

Can I book for someone else? Can I send a vacation as a gift?

Yes, simply choose the “Gift It” option while booking. We would be asking for your information in addition to the traveler’s information. Our team will be sending the confirmation email to you and the package to the address you indicated for the traveler.

What if our package gets lost during delivery?

Your travel package is scheduled to arrive a week before your departure date. Please let us know if the package is still not delivered to you within 3-5 days prior to your departure date. Email us at 

Do you have staff at your destinations who can help in case of emergencies?

Our destinations do not have locally situated Destination Unknown staff. If you run into any urgent problem with your transfers, accommodations or anything else, email us at Our team will do what we can to resolve the matter.